Student Organizations

Athletic Trainers


Mercy's Athletic Training program prepares student athletic trainers to become familiar with various concepts related to sports medicine through hands-on experience both during and after school. 

Environmental Club


Mercy's Environmental Club identifies areas to improve relations between humans and the planet. Projects include campus beautification, recycling, and discussing environmental issues.



Mercy's National Honor Society (NHS) recognizes outstanding juniors and seniors who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Character.

Student Ambassadors


Mercy's Student Ambassador Program is comprised of  students who are dedicated to serving and representing Mercy. They are responsible for welcoming prospective  families through tours and testimonies.  



Mercy's Yearbook Club/Class provides staff members with journalism skills and the ability to apply those skills to the actual production of the yearbook. Students learn theme, content, coverage, reporting, writing headlines & captions, editing, photography, typography, finance, and more. 

Broadcast Technology


Mercy's Broadcast Club is responsible for producing and performing the LIVE morning announcements. WOLM meets  before school to proof-read scripts and prepare guest speakers before going on-air.

Leadership Club


Mercy's Leadership Club motivates and enhances the leadership skills of our  students in a Catholic environment that promotes their future citizenship and productivity in society and our church.  

Robotics Club


Mercy's Robotics Club works together to build a community that fosters creativity, effort, and persistence with a strong moral foundation sharing the goal of designing and developing hardware and software for robots. 

Student Government


Mercy's Student Government helps the school organize spirit events such as tail-gates, Homecoming dances, Prom, and dress down themed days. They are called upon to offer suggestions to the Principal.

Color Guard


Mercy's Color Guard marches before football games and stands proud during the National Anthem. They carry the Vatican Flag, Georgia's Flag and the Flag of the United States of America. 

Model UN


Mercy's Model United Nations team allows students the opportunity to engage in simulation of the experiences of actual delegates to the United Nations. Students research and debate current issues. 

Science Olympiad


Mercy's Science Olympiad offers students the ability to blend their love of science with research and creativity. Students showcase their knowledge in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, & Earth Science. 

Writing Club


Mercy's Writing Club is a community for writers who want to hone their craft and learn more about the art of composition. We work together to improve writing skills and compose works in a variety of genres.