School Counseling


School counselors empower students to succeed not only on an academic level, but also to succeed in their future career and personal life. One of the primary roles of a school counselor is to foster the healthy development of every student in each of these three domains regardless of race, gender, age, and degree of disability. This occurs through evidence-based intervention methods implemented in classroom guidance activities, small group counseling, and individual counseling to teach essential skills. The school counselor is a wonderful resource for students seeking assistance and a person to talk to confidentially. In addition, a strong collaborative and consultative relationship is built between the school counselor, faculty members, and parents to work together to encourage students to become independent and successful.


Mercy's school counselor, Michelle Kalbeitzer, has an office located near the chapel.


Students are able to visit the school counselor department either during their lunch hour or after school until 4 pm. In some instances, students will see the counselor during class time; this is usually reserved for emergency cases needing immediate intervention.