Seniors-Important Items

GA Hope Info and Senior Night with Ms. Athearn and William Walker from GSFC. 

August 25, 6:00 pm in the Auditorium. Seniors and parents should attend. 

Topics covered: 

What to Expect 
Admissions Deadlines 
College Counseling Process 
Financial Aid/GA Hope Information 

Important Deadlines

Deadlines for Send My Documents Forms:

Friday, September 18 for October 1st and 15th DEADLINES and ROLLING ADMISSIONS.

Friday, October 9 for ALL NOVEMBER DEADLINES.

Friday, November 13 for ALL DECEMBER and OTHER DEADLINES.

SMD Forms are required once your final college list is complete. These deadlines work ahead of the actual college application deadlines; students do not have to have their applications completed by the earlier dates, but they are expected to complete their application by the college admissions date. There is no REAL advantage to completing an application earlier or later, but it does depend on your application decision. Everyone’s journey will be different. This is discussed in college counseling meetings.