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Service & Outreach

Our Lady of Mercy strives to develop young people into Christian disciples who understand the value and responsibility to sacrificially serve others.

Great Service Opportunity – Southwest Christian Care 

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Service Hour Instructions

School Year 2016-2017

General Requirements: Students are required to complete ten hours of Christian Service* for each semester (for a total of twenty hours for the year) to be submitted by the due dates listed below. In order to receive credit for service, students are to download the form from the OLM website, fill it out using drop-down menus, have it signed by their supervisors, and submit it directly to the Campus Ministry office which will record hours centrally. Incomplete forms will not be processed. As in the past, failure to complete the prescribed requirement will result in a deduction to the theology grade of one point for each hour (or part of an hour) left uncompleted.

Due Dates: Fall Semester: Wednesday, December 14 (10 hours due)

Spring Semester: Monday, May 4 (10 additional hours due)

Extra Credit Opportunity: As was the case last year, students may submit additional service hours, up to six hours for extra credit on their semester theology grade (maximum three points, with one point awarded for every two hours of service). However, in order to receive extra credit for the spring semester, students must complete in excess of the 20 hours required for the entire year.

Carryover from Summer and First Semester: Any hours completed since June 1, 2014 will count for the 2014-15 school year. Therefore, if students complete 20 hours over the summer, their requirement is satisfied for both semesters. However, they may only receive extra credit for hours once. Hours completed in previous school years (before June 1, 2014) are ineligible for satisfying the requirements for 2014-15. For example:

If a student completes…. then the student will receive…

  • 10 summer hours... Full credit for the fall semester; must complete 10 more hours for the spring semester.
  • 20 summer hours... Full credit for both semesters and three extra credit points for the fall semester.
  • 26 summer hours... Full credit for both semesters and three extra credit points both semesters.
  • 10 summer hours + 6 hours during the fall + 6 hours during the spring... Full credit for both semesters, three extra credit points in the fall, and one extra credit point in the spring (because the 22 total hours exceed the requirement by 2 hours = 1 point).


*Christian Service: Acceptable service hours will meet the following requirements:

  • No compensation may be received for service performed. This includes both monetary and non-monetary compensation (i.e. free food, merit badges, etc.) The service must be “out of the goodness of your heart.”
  • Liturgical duties (i.e. serving at the altar or as a lector, music ministry, etc.) are unacceptable because as Catholics we have an obligation to participate fully, consciously, and actively in the Sacred Liturgy.
  • Household and neighborhood chores are unacceptable. Examples of such unacceptable service include mowing the lawn, babysitting, etc.
  • Service required at OLM is unacceptable. For example, fulfilling team or club responsibilities or helping at OLM during the school day are not acceptable.
  • Acceptable service hours will be works of mercy and foster Gospel values.


While preapproval is not required, students should ask ahead of time if they have questions as to whether or not a project is acceptable.

Christian Service Hours Form