Course Listing

Physical Education-17.011071101 Health

Health is a course designed to introduce students to a variety of health related issues that are important to each student.  Besides a basic knowledge in these issues, Health is aimed at providing students with a sound basis of healthy decision making that promotes life-long fitness.  Students will learn through various forms of discussion and numerous writing assignments.

Physical Education-36.051071103 Personal Fitness

Personal fitness is a course designed to introduce students to a variety of anaerobic exercises and cross-training routines in order to improve overall fitness.  Besides providing a basic knowledge in these areas, Personal Fitness is aimed at providing students with an overall improved state of being at the conclusion of the course with the ultimate goal being to promote life-long fitness. 

Physical Education-36.021071101 Team Sports

Team Sports is a course designed to introduce students to a variety of team sports through both classroom and court/field work.  Furthermore, the course will include vigorous physical activity in order for participants to fulfill one of OLM’s purposes—“strengthening the body.”  Students will also be asked to complete some work of an academic nature as tests and papers will be administered and assigned.

Physical Education-36.0540715 Weight Training

This course is designed to use weightlifting to develop a positive mental and physical self. The focus will be on safety and proper technique. Due to the nature of block scheduling, both upper and lower body core lifts will be worked each day of class. The core lifts are bench press, parallel squat, and power clean. On the 3-day a week block, an explosive day with lighter percentages will be included. Students will work auxiliary lifts to complement the basic core lifts. Cardiovascular fitness will also be a component of the class.

Physical Education-36.0000711 Sports Movement

Sports Movement is a course designed to enhance the physical education and athletic training of students.  Furthermore, the course will focus on fundamental dance techniques, which develop strength, flexibility, agility, and endurance.  Students will work to increase core strength, improve joint range of motion, and learn injury prevention techniques.

Physical Education-36.0510713 Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine class will cover injury management, both acute and chronic.  Students will learn basics of injury management, rehabilitation, modality usage, taping, splinting, and bandaging techniques.  Students will be involved in care with one of the sports teams at Our Lady of Mercy and be eligible for a varsity letter following completion of course assignments.

Physical Education-45.0150716 Sports Psychology

This course examines the psychological processes that are related to performance and problems of athletes who compete in individual and team sports. Among the topics that are included area: motivation, youth sports, psychological testing, violence in sports, team building, and performance enhancement.

Physical Education-45.0000715 History of Baseball

The history of baseball in the United States provides a way for us to examine and evaluate social and cultural change in a 150-year period that saw the United States evolve from an agrarian republic into an urban, industrialized nation and a world power.   Students will study baseball as a window into social, political, ideological, demographic, and economic changes and the tensions surrounding them.