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Mercy for LIFE News

Mercy for LIFE Rockin' and Rollin'

August 15th, 2011

Mercy for LIFE, OLM's pro-life group, has been out and about as the school year begins. With a couple of leadership meetings to start the year, the group is ready for a great year.

On the first day of the year,the group welcomed new students with sidewalk chalk greetings and homemade cookies. The "cookie-baking party" yielded hundreds of cookies that were handed out to new students on their first day of school.

On Saturday, August 13th, over 30 students and parents participated as volunteers for the Tour Of Faith event in Peachtree City. The event benefited Wellspring Living, an organization that assists victims of sexual abuse and human trafficking. Mercy can be proud of these students who showed up at 7 am on Saturday to help where needed.

The Mercy for LIFE group has committed that this year will be a year of prayer, learning and outreach. Co-presidents Hannah Lecesne '12 and Jordan Sartor '12, bring experience and passion to the group.

Our five sub-committees are also being directed by very capable and enthusiastic students:

Prayer and Spirituality: Collen Kelly and Connor Gaede
Education: Trizna Banos, Alex Campbell and Justin Bradshaw
Service and Outreach: Aisling Cleary and Amelia Fitzgerald
Communication: Morgan McClure and Devin Mann
Meeting Preparation: Jordan Sartor, Hannah Lecesne and Emma Bush

Look for more information about upcoming activities and opportunities on the Mercy for LIFE website.

Tour of Faith 2011 pictures (top to bottom): Mercy student volunteers; Class of 2012 volunteers; Mercy table volunteers: Ann Consolino with Lisa & Jon Shupenus who completed the 5K run

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