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Mercy for LIFE News

Blood Drive Success

October 12th, 2011

A BIG thanks to the students, parents, and staff members who were able to donate blood during our Red Cross Blood Drive on Tuesday. The final tally was 26 pints donated!

Through the process, we learned that for each adult pint, three people can be assisted. For the students, because their blood is so "healthy", their blood is typically used to assist babies and small children. This means that their blood donation can be used for the benefit of several young people. Lots of lives will be helped through the generosity of the Mercy donors.

Again, thanks to students and faculty and to the parents who took time out of their workday to help out.

A humongous thanks to the students who helped work the day and for those instrumental in planning and organizing.

Seniors Alexandria Campbell, Aisling Cleary, and Hannah Lecesne, through their tireless efforts, now know what it takes to organize and run a blood drive!!


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