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November 16th, 2010

The sophomore class went on a field trip in early November, visiting the Jewish Temple downtown and The Breman Holocaust Museum. The morning began with an hour-long discussion and tour of the Temple, led by Rabbi Loren Lapidus. The Temple, located on Peachtree in midtown, is Atlanta's oldest synogogue and the home of the Hebrew Benevolent Congregation.


Students were fascinated to see the similarities between Christianity and Judaism, and could suddenly see the origins of many of the Catholic traditions. They were especially excited to see the Torah scrolls and the main sanctuary.

After lunch, students then went on a tour at the Breman Holocaust Museum. At the Breman, students toured the artifacts and pictures and listened to stories of Holocaust survivors and their family members. 

Students were privileged to hear Mariella Crea, the daughter of Jacqueline Garascia who, at the age of 12, began helping Jews escape in France from trains heading to the death camps. was fortunate to hear Henry Friedman, a Holocaust survivor from Hungary.

(picture of main sanctuary from Temple website:

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