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Classes Resume Monday, April 13 at 8:45 am

April 13th, 2015

Summer/Spring Uniform

This uniform is worn from the beginning of school until Thanksgiving and from after spring break until the end of school.  This uniform includes the Polo, white button collar shirt, or blouse. 


Boys and Girls Slacks
All students will wear dark charcoal gray poly-blend slacks purchased from J&R Clothing. Boy’s slacks should be fitted to the waist and be hemmed properly. Pants worn on or below the hips are not permitted. Belts must be worn by boys and girls.

Girls Skirts/Skorts
Girls may wear a dark watch-plaid skort. Senior girls may wear the plaid skort or a plain gray skirt. All of these items must be purchased from J&R Clothing. The hem of the skort/skirt must extend to the knee. Skirt length must be determined as appropriate by teachers and administrators. Skirts may not be rolled at any time in order to alter the length. No pins may be worn in a skirt. Girls whose skirts are determined to be inappropriate will receive a detention and may be sent home.

Summer Uniform Shirts
Golf shirts will be gray with a stitched Our Lady of Mercy emblem and they will be available only from J & R Clothing. All shirts must be tucked in.

All students will wear white oxford weave shirts with a button-down collar. They may be short or long sleeve. If students choose to wear long sleeves, they must be rolled down and the cuffs buttoned. Boys must always have the top button buttoned when the tie is worn. Oversized blouses and shirts are not allowed. Seniors have the option of wearing a commemorative senior sport shirt. All shirts and blouses must be tucked in. Athletic team shirts or club shirts are not permitted to be worn during the school day unless permission is granted by the administration.

For both boys and girls, only the uniform shoes are acceptable. Choices of uniform shoes are bucks, penny loafers, saddle oxfords, and docksider-style shoes in any shade of tan, brown or black. All shoes must have scuff-proof soles. No other types of shoes are allowed unless a written request from a physician is presented or administrator approval is granted. Only standard black, brown, or white shoelaces may be worn and must be tied.

Argyle socks or socks with print designs may not be worn. Girls must wear knee high white, gray, burgundy or black socks or tights with skirts or skorts and black dress socks with slacks. Girls are not permitted to mix and match colored socks. Students wearing pants are to wear only black or white socks.

All t-shirts worn under the uniform shirt/blouse/golf polo must be completely white and unadorned and should not be visible at the sleeves. Long sleeve t-shirts are not permitted to be worn under a short sleeve Mercy shirt. No tshirts with advertisements or concert promotions (white or colored) are to be worn at any time. 

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