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After Thanksgiving: Classes Resume December 1st at 8:45 am

December 1st, 2014

The winter uniform is worn from Thanksgiving until after spring break. This uniform includes the white button
collar shirt or blouse and optional sweater, vest or Mercy letter jacket. Boys must wear ties with collar buttoned.


Boys and Girls Slacks
All students will wear dark charcoal gray poly-blend slacks purchased from J&R Clothing. Boy’s slacks should be fitted to the waist and be hemmed properly. Pants worn on or below the hips are not permitted. Belts must be worn by boys and girls. 

All students will wear white oxford weave shirts with a button-down collar. They may be short or long sleeve. If students choose to wear long sleeves, they must be rolled down and the cuffs buttoned. Boys must always have the top button buttoned when the tie is worn. Oversized blouses and shirts are not allowed. All shirts and blouses must be tucked in. Athletic team shirts or club shirts are not permitted to be worn during the school day unless permission is granted by the administration.

Argyle socks or socks with print designs may not be worn. Girls must wear knee high white, gray, burgundy or black socks or tights with skirts or skorts and black dress socks with slacks. Girls are not permitted to mix and match colored socks. Students wearing pants are to wear only black or white socks.  

Sweaters and Jackets
Students may wear the OFFICIAL acrylic or cotton burgundy sweater, cardigan or vest or official Mercy letter jacket or school approved jacket. The sweaters must be purchased at J&R Clothing or the letter jacket at Fayette Sports or T & G Allsports. Other brands will be considered out-of-uniform and may not be worn. Sweaters and jackets may not be tied around a student’s waist during the school day. Mercy outerwear other than the letter jacket may not be worn during the school day. Note: All students should own a sweater or a letter jacket because out-of-uniform sweaters, jackets, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and sweatpants may not be worn in the school building during the school day. Students may wear approved fleece jackets. 

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