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Mercy comes back (twice) to stun Temple, improve to 2-0

August 31st, 2010

By Blake Alverson
Fayette County News

TEMPLE -- Late last Friday night in Temple, a small town outside of Villa Rica, the visiting Our Lady of Mercy Bobcats found themselves in a tough situation. With less than half of the fourth quarter remaining, the bigger, stronger Temple Tigers were steadily pushing down the field, getting ever closer and closer to a touchdown which would surely spell the end of a valiant effort made by Coach Earwood's scrappy Bobcats.

With little more than two minutes left, under pressure, Temple's quarterback threw up a jump ball near the front right corner of the end zone, and defensive back Cam Singletary came down with it. Two plays and 95 yards later, the Bobcats had secured their first road victory of the young season and instilled in their team the sort of confidence that High School Football coaches dream of, by somehow finding a way to defeat the Temple Tigers by a score of 32-26.

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