Course Listing

Fine Arts- 50.0211711 Art I

This course introduces students to the fundamentals and concepts of art. The Elements and Principles of Design are built upon in stages through exercises, which help to develop observational and decision making skills, as well as honing the abilities of the craftsman. Also studied are art appreciation, art history, and art criticism, enabling students to present and to define their views on art. Students will draw, paint, and work with clay in Art I. The only requirement for this course is the enthusiasm to try things, the will to do one's best, and the desire to learn.  

Fine Arts-50.0212711 Art II

The students build upon everything learned in Art I and begin to focus on using different media to express their own ideas. They will learn: printmaking, painting, digital photography, graphic design, ceramics, and sculpture. There will be a possibility of variations within different areas of exploration. Students will be encouraged to experiment by mixing mediums while applying the elements and principles of art in each piece. Students who wish to pursue art studies are encouraged to move in to Art III to prepare for Advanced Placement Studio Art. Art I required as a prerequisite.

Fine Arts-50.0213711 Art III / AP Studio Art 

The Art III course is designed to continue with the Art II students. It will expand their studio experiences and knowledge.  Students will be encouraged to work more independently and to imbue their work with increasingly unique, and personal characteristics, and statements. The topics covered in Art III are life drawing, art history, printmaking, sculpture, photography, graphic design, and painting. Art I and II required as a prerequisite.

Advanced Placement Studio Art:

Those who wish to complete an Advanced Placement Studio Art portfolio may do so within the Art III class. Important note: This section strictly follows the College Board criteria for Advanced Placement Studio Art and includes homework and in-depth projects at the college level.   One semester of Art III required as a prerequisite.

Fine Arts-52.0210704 Scenic Painting and Set Design

Scenic Painting and Set Design or Stagecraft is the study of theatre arts as it pertains to visuals used by the actors on stage. In this class, students will learn techniques of set design, set building, scenic painting, properties (props) design, and manufacture or procurement of props. Students will develop skills through in-class participation and study of professionally produced plays and musicals in association with the Mercy fine arts productions during the semester.

Fine Arts-50.0000711 Dance I 
This course teaches the fundamental dance technique and vocabulary used in classical ballet and modern dance. The class develops strength, flexibility, coordination, and promotes dance as part of a healthy lifestyle. Students will perform for the public, create choreography, learn proper theater etiquette, and develop an appreciation for the art of dance.

Fine Arts-50.0000721 Dance II
The second level of dance is designed for students with a basic knowledge of dance technique. This course continues study in ballet and modern dance with an emphasis on body placement, expanding dance vocabulary, and developing creative self-expression skills. Students participate in performances, create choreography, acquaint themselves with dance history, and develop artistic expression skills through a variety of dance styles.

Fine Arts-50.0000731 Dance III (Elective rotation)
This course is designed for the dancer with an intermediate level of dance training and an interest in further development of dance skills. Students will strive towards a professional level of dance technique to prepare for professional goals in dance, theatre, dance education, or related fields. Students will work to increase their creative and choreographic abilities, perform in solo and group forms, study injury prevention, and learn audition skills and techniques.

Fine Arts-52.0210700 Drama I

This course is designed to give students an increased appreciation of, and additional experience in, theatre as an art form. Students will act, direct, or be technically involved in scenes, one-act plays and a full length production. Students will read and evaluate plays as well as view and critique live performances. Drama is a performance class that serves as an introduction to the physical, vocal, and mental aspects of acting. Students with varying levels of experience are welcome and will be encouraged to develop their skills. Performance terminology, basic audition skills, and constructive criticism will also be covered.

Fine Arts-52.0210703 Drama II 

Acting will focus on the student’s acting skills and techniques.  We will study various forms and methods of acting, as well as perform a more advanced technique of performance art pieces, such as puppetry, story-telling, and improv.  The student will perform for various school functions throughout the year, such as the Fall and Spring Fine Arts Festivals, the Christmas Assembly, and the Madrigal Dinner fundraiser (students will have some choice here).  There will also be a final project (performed memorized scene) at the end of the semester in class.  Students will read an important play to theatre development, as well as watch a taped Broadway performance.  The students in Drama 2 are encouraged to be a part of Drama Club, though it is not required.
Fine Arts-53.0000711 Band

This course will focus on individual and ensemble instrumental instruction for wind, brass, and percussion. Students will have opportunities to perform in small and large group ensembles in concert settings. Individual and group performances will be enhanced by the study of music theory, music history and music appreciation. Student of all levels are welcome.

Fine Arts-53.05610701 Orchestra

This course will focus on individual and ensemble instruction for stringed instruments. Individual and group performances will be enhanced by the study of music theory.


Fine Arts-54.0211701 Chorus

This course will focus on individual and ensemble instructions and the proper use of voice. Individual and group performances will be enhanced by the study of music theory.