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FLAME #18 Retreat this Friday!

September 15th, 2017

Luggage drop-off will be right outside the Chapel on Friday morning from 7:00am until 7:40am. YOU MUST BRING SOFT LUGGAGE! The baggage storage is different this year - it is above your seat and you need the soft luggage (duffle bag or backpack type of bags) in order for it to fit. You may bring a small carry-on with snacks and phone...etc.

FLAME Team will mark your luggage with blue tape for males and pink tape for females and we will load them on the buses for you. Once we arrive at the camp, you will have an opportunity to retrieve your luggage to take it to your cabin room. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR NAME ON EVERYTHING! Even loose pillows and sleeping bags.-would be best if they were in a trash bag for protection from dirt and stuff.

Students will leave on Friday directly after 6th period. Bus assignments will be posted outside the FLAME Team room across from Brother Coltons Theology classroom on Wednesday. MAKE SURE YOUR NAME IS ON THE LIST. PLEASE REPORT ANY ERRORS TO MRS. CAWLEY ASAP.

Students will be released at 1:05pm (after 6th period) on Friday, September 15th. Place your school books and laptops IN YOUR LOCKER for safe-keeping over the weekend. You WILL have a chance to get back in the school upon our return on Sunday.

There will NOT be an announcement to leave. Please take it upon yourself to leave in a timely manner. You may use the restroom and go to your locker to get your carry-on items.

Please use the restroom right after 6th period, as the bus will NOT stop on the way.-it's a 2 1/2 hour ride. PROCEED DIRECTLY TO THE BUSES. THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO GO TO VENDING MACHINES OR CALL HOME TO TRY AND GET SOMETHING YOU FORGOT. BUSES ROLL at 1:15pm--WITH OR WITHOUT YOU!

There are assigned buses and a roster for each bus and you will be notified as to which bus you will be on by the chaperones loading the buses.

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