College Guidance

College counseling is a primary aspect of the OLM experience. It is our priority as educators, mentors and counselors to ensure our students are well prepared with the knowledge and resources necessary to further their academic careers at the post-secondary level. Self-discovery and the subsequent college process is less overwhelming when one has direction, purpose, and a positive frame of mind.

It is our goal to assist Mercy students develop major skills of interest as they begin to clarify their academic strengths, improve their academic challenges, and fine tune their talents and personal interests with the sole purpose of assisting with the journey to college.

College Representative Visits & College Fairs

Mercy students have the opportunity to meet with college representatives from schools throughout the U.S., especially during the Fall Semester. Most college rep visits to Mercy happen during the school lunch block. Please see dates and times listed by selecting "Upcoming Events" on the left.

Students also have the opportunity to attend several College Fairs in the area during the Fall. Each September, seniors take a field trip as a class to The Lovett School's College Day event. Mercy also hosts a college fair in conjunction with Landmark and Trinity schools.

Other local college fair dates and opportunities to meet with college reps will be posted in the College Guidance Office and on this website.

College Athletics

If your child is planning on playing sports at the collegiate level, he or she will need to register with the NCAA Clearinghouse online at  After registering there, please see Mrs. Miller to request a transcript.