Course Listings

Technology-7.44110711 Computer Applications

This course offers students the opportunity to investigate all aspects of the computer. Students will become proficient in their skill of basic computer software through the various projects that they will have to complete throughout this course. Multidisciplinary projects will involve using various applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, databases, graphics, web page editors and presentation software. Students will also have an opportunity to conduct research on the Internet, explore new technological innovations, examine technology-related careers and speculate about future computer applications.

Technology-11.4180702 Introduction to Flash

Introduction to Flash introduces basic methods for the creation and design of the Flash application for animation and interactivity. Students will learn the basic techniques, tools and processes used in the flash application. Students will learn and demonstrate these concepts through exercises and a term project. An emphasis is placed on learning how to keep abreast of current issues in the field through an overview of current and related technologies.

Technology-11.0000786 Web Design

This course is an introduction to web authoring skill development, including use of basic html tags and tables. Students will learn web content development and design using the Adobe Web Collection, Macromedia Flash5, and Microsoft FrontPage. Included in the course will be an introduction to the basics of copyright in print, audio, and visual mediums, especially as it relates to web content.

 Technology-11.4180701 Flash Programming

Introduction to Flash Game Programming is an introductory level course that teaches the fundamental concepts of game programming using Action Script. Flash and Action Script provide a solid platform for creating web-based games. Students are introduced to the gaming lifecycle.