The Theology Department of Our Lady of Mercy Catholic High School teaches doctrine according to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church. Our call is to create the conditions for students to recognize and articulate their experiences of God and the things of God within the framework of the Roman Catholic Tradition. This community of religious educators invites students to continual conversion initiated in Jesus Christ. All of this is done within the framework of what Pope John Paul II has called the “universal call to holiness.” We prepare students to live a rich sacramental life through a relationship with the Lord. Within the conversion process students discover their own identity as Children of God and experience the joy of serving others in selfless love.

Theology as an academic subject promotes an understanding of faith, truth and virtue. Our theology courses strive to bring about the Kingdom of God in this world and to prepare students to live with Him in the next, yet, Theology at OLM is a serious academic course. The words of St. Peter, “Always be ready to make your defense to anyone who demands from you an accounting for the hope that is in you,” requires both fervent prayer and scholarly study.