We, as believers in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, are assured through our faith that everything is possible. God gave us His word as a key to all knowledge; and it is through the study and use of language that teachers and students of literature can express their ideas and spirituality. We seek to foster a love of truth, beauty and earnestness in our learning community. We believe that language and story are the tools that God bestowed upon us to hew order from uncertainty and give structure to the tenuous existence that we refer to as the human experience. Literature and language provide not only a glass to reflect our individual souls, but also extend that mirror to provide a more universal view of our connection to a global community. Not consequently, literature is essential for self-discovery and shaping our views of the world in which we live. We believe that literature permits us to seek knowledge of self through the experiences of others, thus instilling a spirit of understanding for all cultures. We believe that language and our efforts to communicate our ideas to others are issues of morality. Because of this, it requires an exercise in choices, both of intelligence and of discrimination, which require us to think in a disciplined manner. This careful scrutiny of self and empathy for our fellow man are the key spiritual elements that separate us from the secular world.