Course Listing

English-23.0610713 English 9

For the student who has good language arts skills, this course enriches vocabulary, develops reading ability, and introduces basic literary terms describing elements of the short story, novel, poetry and drama. Writing instruction emphasizes sentence maturity, paragraph development, and essay introduction. Grammar study includes basic concepts of analysis of clauses and verbals.

English-23.0610711 Honors English 9

This course is designed for the student who demonstrates a high degree of language arts skills. Literature vocabulary study emphasizes wide reading, critical thinking, and the beginnings of analysis; writing instruction emphasizes organization, variety and style; grammar study is individualized and independent. (by Teacher recommendation only)

English-23.0620723 English 10

This course is an introduction to World Literature. Outside novels and plays are read and students practice forms of writing that include narrative, descriptive, expository, and persuasive paragraphs and essays. Grammar and vocabulary are studied. A short research paper is required.

English-23.0620721 Honors English 10

This course provides wide reading in world literature, organized around literary genres and the patterns of romance, tragedy, comedy and satire. Writing includes narrative, descriptive, expository and persuasive essays; creative, critical and research skills are developed. Grammar and vocabulary are studied. Outside novels, plays, and poetry are read throughout the year. A research paper is required.  (by Teacher recommendation only)

English-23.0510733 English 11

This course is a chronological survey of the themes of many writers of American Literature drawn from varied traditions. Students write expository papers on literary and general topics, and creative writing is included. There is a review of grammar and a study of vocabulary.

English-23.0610731 Honors English 11

This course is a chronological survey of the development of American Literature drawn from various traditions. Themes and major writers are analyzed in depth with extensive expository writing on literary and general topics. Creative writing is also included, as are vocabulary study and a review of grammar and usage as necessary. (by Teacher recommendation only)

English-23.0520741 English 12

This course combines major works of English Literature with a development of more mature writing skills. Writing includes techniques of exposition, argumentation and literary criticism with attention to mechanics and usage. The goal is to develop clear expression and logical organization and to read and analyze challenging works of literature from the British Tradition. Outside novels and vocabulary are part of the curriculum.

English-23.0650741 Advanced Placement English

This course has been designed for the student who has acquired skill in analyzing literature and writing well and who wishes to attempt to receive college credit through the AP exam. The course includes a study of major British writers, outside novels and plays, critical writing, research and creative writing. All students must take the Advanced Placement test in May.
Departmental approval is required to register for AP English.

English-23.000074 Creative Writing (Elective rotation)

This course is designed with the lover of the English language in mind.  Students will learn to fine-tune and hone their unique stylistic gifts and abilities.  They will learn to improve their writing through repeated practice, as well as through communal, constructive literary criticism.  We will explore various types of writing, including but not limited to poetry, fictional writing, persuasive writing, narrative writing, imitative writing, descriptive writing, and free-writing. 

English-23.0000702 Literature of Faith (Elective rotation)

This class is designed to be a comprehensive survey of Catholic writing, focusing on texts written by both male and female authors of the Catholic Faith.  This class will examine how the Catholic Faith has affected literature and how literature has affected the Catholic Faith throughout the centuries.  Therefore, it is intended to give students an overview of the Catholic literary tradition and its impact on the Western world.  Some works studied are didactic, some apologetic.  Some are confessional or autobiographical.  Some are visionary or mystical.  The class will consist of reading, analyzing and interpreting texts.  It will also include various projects.  Class participation is essential.   

English-23.0320706 Journalism/Yearbook

The journalism course teaches hands-on production in the design and publishing of the school yearbook, Jubilium. Through the practical experience of producing the yearbook, students learn and develop the basic journalism skills of reporting, writing, editing, layout design, photography and the business skills of organization, planning, marketing, finance and distribution. Students are expected to spend some time outside of class to complete their assignments.
Offered to 10th - 12th grade students with permission of the instructor.